About Us

We're Hillary and Anna - together The Shakespeare Sisters - a film making duo based in London. We've written, directed and co-produced two feature films: Soundtrack to Sixteen (2019) and Much Ado (in post-production). Soundtrack to Sixteen premiered at the London Independent Film Festival in April where it won the prize for best micro-budget feature. You can read more about it at www.soundtracktosixteen.com

Hillary Shakespeare

When I finished my undergrad in Physics at Imperial College in 2012, I  decided to take a year out to make Soundtrack to Sixteen - which turned out to be the best experience of my life! After that I went back to my original track doing a masters in Computer Science at Oxford and for the past few years working towards a PhD at the Oxford Robotics Institute.Soundtrack to Sixteen was in post-production and when Anna finished her undergrad we finally had the opportunity to work in film together full time and are loving every minute of it! 

Anna-Elizabeth Shakespeare

I graduated in 2017 from Oxford University where I was studying German literature (and living with Hillary!) Since then Hillary and I have been able to work on Soundtrack to Sixteen full time, which we co-produced with the more experienced Ben Jacques (Hatton Garden Job, Accident Man) and finished this year. We had our premiere at the London Independent Film Festival and we're excited to see where it will go next! Our second feature Much Ado is currently in post-production.